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Гранти для розвитку громад та с/гпідприємств Друк
П'ятниця, 07 червня 2019, 05:04

Конкурс грантів від USAID-Україна, покликаний прискорити економічний розвиток сільських українських громад та підтримати більш продуктивні, сучасні і прибуткові малі та середні сільськогосподарські підприємства, які успішно інтегруються в конкурентні ринки як в Україні, так і на міжнародному рівні. Дедлайн - 1 липня 2019 року.

USAID-Ukraine announces Agriculture Growing Rural Opportunities (AGRO) Activity in Ukraine

Deadline: 1 July 2019

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID), through the Regional Contracting Office in Kyiv, Ukraine is seeking applications from qualified U.S. or Non-U.S. non-profit or for-profit Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), and other qualified non U.S. Government organizations for funding of an activity entitled “Agriculture Growing Rural Opportunities (AGRO) Activity in Ukraine”.

The goal of the Agriculture Growing Rural Opportunities (AGRO) Activity in Ukraine is to accelerate economic development of rural Ukrainian communities with the greatest need in through a better governed agricultural sector, to encourage more productive, modern, and profitable small and medium agricultural businesses that are successfully integrated into competitive markets both in Ukraine and internationally.

High level results of AGRO are as follows:

  • Increased revenue of agricultural small and medium enterprises;
  • Increased access of agricultural SMEs to financing;
  • Establishment of fair and transparent agricultural land market (land reform);
  • Reducing corruption in the agriculture sector.

Funding Information

  • USAID anticipates awarding one (1) Cooperative Agreement with a total estimated amount up to $35,000,000 over a 5-year period.
  • The estimated start date will be on or about September 30, 2019.

Eligibility Criteria

  • USAID encourages applications from potential new partners. USAID will not accept applications from individuals.
  • To be eligible for award of a Cooperative Agreement, in addition to other conditions of this NOFO, organizations must have a commitment to non‐discrimination with respect to beneficiaries and adherence to equal opportunity employment practices. Non‐discrimination includes equal treatment without regard to race, religion, ethnicity, gender, and political affiliation.
  • The following types of entities are eligible to apply for funding under this NOFO:
    • U.S. and Non-U.S. Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs)
      • U.S. and Non-U.S. Non-Profit Organizations
        • U.S. and non-U.S. private non-profit organizations may apply for funding under this NOFO.
        • U.S. and Non-U.S. For-Profit Organizations
        • U.S. and Non-U.S. Colleges and Universities
        • Public International Organizations (PIOs)

How to Apply

Questions concerning the NOFO should be submitted in writing at the address given on the website.

For more information, please visit this link.






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